The images we sell almost all need to be seen up close to be fully appreciated and digital images on a screen don’t have the same quality or impact. Seeing them on The Wall and learning a bit about where and why they were created – their backstory if you like – can add enormously to the pleasure. And part of the point of opening the Piece Hall shop is to be able to share my enthusiasms/obsessions with likeminded (even if they didn’t realise they were until they visited!) people. Simply packing things up for the courier to collect doesn’t have the same appeal!

Also choosing cartoons and caricatures, and having found a new (to me!) artist searching out more of their work, takes time. All the work I sell is original artwork or the prints that were produced/published at the time. When something sells its often very hard and time consuming to find another (impossible of course in the case of the original artwork!). That doesn’t work well in feeding a voracious online market! It’s about quality and individuality not high volume mass produced images.

But if you’ve visited the shop, seen something you liked but not got round to buying it at the time and later wish you had, get in touch. Even though we’re not a mail order business that doesn’t mean we can’t help! Always assuming of course it hasn’t been sold to someone else in the meantime!

Stop Press – in the last month I’ve put my toe in the online sales water and sold a dozen or so on Ebay!  All mounted but unframed prints.  I will be putting more on Ebay in the future and, if it seems to be helping Off The Wall progress, then I may expand this website to enable direct online sales.

Repeat buying can be the lifeblood of a business, particularly when the goods sold are readily available. But in the case of Off The Wall almost every piece is acquired individually and may have taken months to source.

So saying “I bought a print last week – can I have another please?!” Can only be met with the reply – “Well not immediately certainly but we can go on the hunt for others of course but we may not be able to find one.”

If you’ve bought an original piece of art work by definition there isn’t another one. But there may be other work by the same artist you could consider or work by another artist on a similar theme/subject which we can identify for you.

But of course one of the advantages of buying from Off The Wall is that you’re highly unlikely to see the same picture on anyone else’s wall!

Our pictures include original artwork (pencil, pen and ink, some with watercolour) usually intended for publication. These are often signed but some are not (eg many of the Larry series); prints, book or magazine illustrations (plates), printed/published at the time, some printed in colour, some black and white – some of which have been subsequently hand coloured. Some have the artist’s signature as part of the printed image “in the plate”

Some are limited edition prints with the edition number shown, usually signed by hand by the artist. Many of the etchings were hand printed by the artist and tinted/coloured by them as part of the artistic process (eg Chris Orr). Some have additional elements added after printing outside the printed area (again eg Chris Orr)

I have recently branched out into producing Off The Wall Art Prints (where originals are hard to get or prohibitively expensive and the artists work is out of. Copyright)  Initially I have focussed on the striking Jean Auscher 1920s Paris folios La Faune des Dancings and Le Baccarat – a number of which are now available in various sizes of Giclée prints (A5-A1) framed and unframed and as stretched canvas prints.

If you’re unsure about the “originality” of any picture you are interested in please ask.

No – I’m not an artist myself!

However I can introduce you to a local caricaturist – Angela Bell.  She did a great one of me – its the 1st picture on the website homepage.

Just drop in to the shop/gallery or email/phone and I’ll pass on your details to Angela.

We know a cartoon or caricature can make the ideal unusual and personalised present. Finding something that reflects someone’s interests or idiosyncrasies shows you have thought about them as you bought it. But of course it needs to be right.

Has your dentist son-in-law got a birthday soon? Is your father mad keen on ice-skating (but maybe not as skilled as he thinks?)! Does aunt Enid like a glass of wine (or 2!)? Is your husband retiring from teaching? Are your neighbours getting married having met on a cruise?

If you haven’t been able to find something that fits the bill on The Wall we might already have it in the collection (what is on display is only part of what we have) or be able to find it for you.

We’re happy to search for you. It might take a while so the more notice you give us the better.

Its always worth asking, we’re up for a challenge!

Email is fine, but ideally a chat in the gallery to clarify what works for you – look at what we’ve got and decide – “one like that / by that artist but about fly fishing and rock music” ! We’d have a go!

We make a small charge of £10 (in addition to the cost of the cartoon/caricature/print itself) – call it a finder’s fee – but only if we succeed. We’ll try and give you a choice and if we can share an image or images with you (by email?), before we acquire it, that of course makes success more likely. But that’s not always possible.

Off The Wall – The Humour Hunters!